Your Road Map to Success

Your Road Map to Successbusiness-school-for-mums

Many people wander through their life and business without a clear focus and direction and this often leads them to a place of frustration, loss and overwhelm. Or worse still they have big dreams but they let their fears, excuses or other people stand in their way. Today, I'm going to show you HOW to build a Road Map to SUCCESS.

Here's a MAJOR tip for you…

Successful people really care about their lives.

They take the time to analyse, dream, visualise and plan their future.
They take the time to connect with their vision and purpose.
They set goals for themselves.
And lastly they do whatever it takes to make things happen


Their reason is four fold:

1) You must know where you’re going in order to get there

Essentially if you don’t really know what you want in your life – how can you get there? It is really important that you have a picture on what you want in your life – so that you can create it intentionally. You must develop absolute clarity around the vision you have and the results you want – and most importantly how your Business feeds into this.

You see our mind works best with direction – if it knows the course it will seek out relevant information to help you create it. With a vision and intention you will actually switch on the RAS in your brain – (your reticular activating system) which means your conscious filtering system is actually primed for cues in your environment to help you succeed.

2) You must know why you want success and what it will bring

business-school-for-mums-3Once you have an idea of the kind of life you want to achieve, the next step is for you to really understand why you want it. Because it’s not what you do or have that will keep you going through the tough times, but why you’re doing it. If it’s just about money – I’ll tell you now not to bother because it’s a long slog, and if it’s just money you want then that wont drive your commitment.

So have a think about what your vision will bring you and your family? Think deeper around things like – choice, possibility, family time, adventure, passion, lifestyle, creativity, purpose …. An empowering why will draw you like a magnet through bad days., and help keep your focus on where you’re headed and the awesomeness that awaits.

3) Goal setting gives your dreams deadlines

Once you know what you want in life and why – goal setting will help you to take steps forward in the direction of that big vision.

A handful of significant goals will:

• Give you something to strive towards
• Set intention for growth and improvement
• Help you better understand where you are right now
• Be a measure for your success
• Give you accountability

4) It’s all pointless if you don’t DO

Now it is one thing to set goals and another thing entirely to deliver on them.

A massive 70% of those that set goals for themselves fail to get anywhere close to achieving them…

And here are the main reasons why:

• Their goals are not linked to a higher purpose / vision / plan
• They do not do their due diligence in planning & organisation
• They let their fears or outside circumstances get in their way

We’ve already covered off the first point here . But the latter steps need attention.

Many people will avoid the strategy and planning that needs to happen around goals setting because it is both laborious and time consuming. But it’s this stuff that separates those that succeed and those that don’t.

It’s absolutely imperative that you create: a to do list for your goals, get clear on sequencing of actions, prioritise tasks, set deadlines and have 90 days mapped out in detail.

Successful people will do this because they are focused on the end result and where it will take them, rather than that task itself. Now the last point here is a big one – fear, time, the juggle, emotions, lack of support – all these things are very real – but it’s our response to them that will dictate our results.

What I mean by this is…

• Are you going to moan about money or set yourself a goal & find a way?
• Are you going to remain frustrated at not being able to master Facebook – or take a course and nail that bad boy?
• Are you going to focus on not having support – or are you going to go and find a tribe that supports you?

The deciding factor in success is in fact your response to these circumstances, and in what you do or don’t do.

Ladies Success is really a choice that you make for yourself.

So go ahead and choose to take full responsibility for what you want in your life and out of your life. And then hold yourself accountable to making it happen – because no one else is going to do it for you.

Extraordinary is waiting for you right now! Dream big, map it out and get moving!

Exclusive Goal Setting Event

If you want guidance and support on reaching extraordinary BSFM are running an intensive 4 hour workshop in Sydney on Saturday 12th November to help you do just that.

business-school-for-mums-2Over 4 epic hours they’ll take you on a journey of visualisation and living with purpose, right through to planning and making s**t happen.

What’s more, it’s jam packed with mindset tools, marketing tricks and content tips to plan your attack on 2017 with certainty and clarity.

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business-school-for-mums-1About the Author 

Anna is a Life & Business Coach and Owner and Co-founder of Business School for Mums. Business School for Mums is designed exclusively for Mums in Business and the journeys YOU have to go on to make your small business work for you and your family.

Anna and Florencia are 2 Mums running multiple small businesses with extensive knowledge and experience in this space. Their signature Small Business Success Course has helped hundreds of Mums over the last year to refine their business models, increase their profitability, and develop their growth potential!

What’s more, their business model is unique as they also work on mindset and confidence so you can approach success from the strongest mental place as you juggle it all.


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