Fresh and healthy makeover

An important way to start fresh this year

Start fresh

Felicity Gatfield – Pure Goodness for kids

Now that another year has passed by extremely quickly again, it's important to think of some goals for this coming year. One way to start fresh is with a healthy makeover.

How can you give your kitchen a healthy makeover this year?

Wondering how this can be possible to have an achievable healthy kitchen, with small swaps your family is willing to accept and your children will actually embrace?

It's easy.

Start fresh this year


What to ditch:

Processed foods – remove any foods that contain a long list of ingredients. Go back to basics. Use fresh foods that are in their most basic form.
Anything labelled “low-fat” – quite often ‘low fat' foods are over-processed foods and are usually high in sugar. These should be avoided at all costs. By eating full-fat foods you have sustained energy and usually end up eating less calories overall.

Margarine & Vegetable Oils – replace these with extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. Swap margarine for real butter. Margarine is often a highly synthetic concoction laced with additives and cheap, low-grade refined oils.

Sugar-laden Peanut Butter – Peanut butter is quite possibly one of the easiest things to make at home in the kitchen. Just blends peanuts, wait for the natural oil to surface, and voila.. you're done! None of these preservatives, additives are sugar are necessary.

Soft Drinks – this doesn't even need much explaining. They contain a lot of sugar, sugar, sugar, contain disgusting chemicals, can lead to diabetes … the list is endless.


What to stock up on:

Vegetables – vegetables should occupy a LARGE portion of your fridge. Look for delicious ways to increase your green vegetable intake by incorporating them into dishes. Hide them in dishes like spaghetti for kids.

Pantry Staples – it's hard to make healthy choices if your pantry is full of junk. Stock up with items such as quinoa, coconut milk, eggs, coconut water, tahini, nuts etc.

Fresh meat – grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, lamb, pork etc.

I believe it's really important for children to be surrounded by healthy food. Parents are the number one influencer, and if they're eating junk and heavily processed foods, children see that as the norm and believe they can consume it too. Good nutrition and a balanced diet help kids to grow up healthy.

Let children replenish the pantry and fridge with fresh nutritious food. Include them in the food preparation, and allow them to help you cook once a week.

A good diet is particularly important for young children, as early food experiences will impact on eating patterns and habits in their adult life.

Written by:

Felicity Gatfield – Pure Goodness for kids


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