MWH 168 - Mistakes on IG

MWH 168 : 3 Mistakes You’re Making On Instagram

3 Mistakes You're Making On Instagram

Instagram is PART of your customer journey, it's not the final destination. Sometimes it's easy to get fall down an Instagram rabbit hole and start overthinking and comparing your account to another biz babe's.

What you need to know is that, how you think about and use Instagram to share your story and build your business is what matters the most.

In today's podcast episode, I'm sharing the three mistakes you're making on Instagram and how to level up your game on the ‘Gram by building, serving, and leading your audience with love!

Let’s get into it!

A huge part of my online marketing strategy which I call the Social Method (hence why I created my membership, the Social Method Society), is leveraging the power of Instagram.

Instagram is an amazing social media platform. I hope you’re on there and if not, do yourself a favour and get on Instagram.

1. Switch to A Business Profile

If you’re on Instagram for business, but you’re operating on a personal profile, I really urge you to stop delaying it, stop thinking about it and make the switch.

Be on Instagram as a business profile because that’s who you are. You’re a boss lady and a business. Not only do you get to be known as that, but you’ll also get access to a bunch of tools that only business owners get access to.

However, it’s not the biggest mistake business owners are making and it’s not about taking good picture.

The quality of your photos on Instagram is not the be all and end all of having a successful Instagram strategy. What comes before your aesthetic, is your audience! And not being clear on who you are marketing to on the ‘Gram is the BIGGEST mistake business owners make.

2. Know Your Audience

What comes before all of that is your audience. This is the biggest mistake or what people are overlooking on Instagram – not being clear who they are marketing to.

I’m talking about your target market, your customer avatar, your soulmate client, your perfect follower, your ideal customer. Whatever you wanna call them… these are the people who you are trying to connect with.

It’s very important and it’s a core milestone that we cover inside of Stage 1: Social Beginnings of Success Path inside of my Social Method Society. There are some core foundations that we need to have in place, not just to work or leverage Instagram most effectively, but so we’re operating as a business as well.

Knowing your audience and ideal client will drive everything in your business.

Understanding your “WHO” – who you are talking to.

Why should you be clear on who you are marketing to on the ‘Gram? What goes into operating as a successful business on Instagram?

  • Being able to curate a bio that attracts the right people and repels the wrong ones.
  • Knowing what content to start experimenting with in your feed.
    • If you’re in a business profile, you’ll get access to analytics which shows you what post gets the most saves, what post gets the highest engagement or the most amount of views. This reveals so much about your audience.
  • Understanding how to get found and make yourself visible to your audience.
    • This helps you with your hashtag strategy or location tags which is important to your Instagram growth.
  • Bringing a level of intention to your content that serves your audience.
    • Asks your followers questions, jump into Instagram stories and start conversations. Invite them to interact with you so you will get to know who you are talking to).
    • Once you know who you’re talking to, you have to bring a level of intention into the work that you’re creating. So that it serves your audience.
    • It means getting a bit uncomfortable because your audience may wanna see your face more. If the insights show that people love it when you take selfies, that’s one thing you gotta work on. It means you gotta show up more.
    • It means not Instagramming with your ego and not having a beautiful feed as your strategy. It means truly wanting to serve, help and share content that inspires your audience, makes them feel, makes them laugh, or communicates your offers to them.
  • Establishing a network to start collaborating in an authentic and powerful way
    • This is where you are cross-promoting with other business owners, content creators or brands. It means getting in front of each other’s audiences and growing your own at the same time. It’s giving both of your audiences immense value.

3. Changes To Your Instagram Bio

Instagram Bio is the little description that sits atop of your Instagram profile. We have all struggled to fit what we want to say in 150 characters to capture who we are and what we do, and now a recent change that has happened to your bio on IG is impacting that even more.


What is the change?

  • A new “Read More” dropdown menu that causes you to be more concise and captivating in that first one or two lines in your bio.

Why should you not fret about this strange?

  • Your link is still visible in your bio!

What does this change mean?

  • No one knows for sure… maybe more characters?! #PleaseInsta 🙏


Mums With Hustle is an online community supporting you in starting, growing, and scaling your purpose-driven business – online!

I want to know how are YOU going to maximise those first two lines to captivate your audience? I challenge you to craft a new bio, and then send me a DM (@mumswithhustle) letting me know how you go!

Until next week, stay happy in your hustle.


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