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MWH 143 : 3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail To Manifest Their Desires

3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail To Manifest Their Desires

Manifestation is such an amazing thing. It allows the universe to provide you with what you truly want through abundance, gratitude, and positive vibes.

Yep, the beauty of manifesting is that if you truly want something then you believe it's going to happen and then it does. Like magic!

Recently, I manifested a trip to Hawaii for myself and my family. I posted about this on Instagram and the post went off! It brought up a lot of questions about manifestation, so I knew I had to share a podcast about how I manifested this trip and why entrepreneurs fail to manifest their desires in life and business.


I truly hope you come to this episode with an openness to hear and truly receive the information I'm about to share so that you can begin to ponder and observe thought patterns and habits that can truly change and better your own business and life.


In this episode, I'm sharing all about how I manifested my holiday to Hawaii and the three main reasons why entrepreneurs fail to manifest their desires.

1. You Don't Actually Know What You Want

People don't really know what they want most of the time. The truth is if you don't have the courage to put something out there to get what you want, you're not going to be able to welcome the opportunities to make what you want happen.

Key Points I Discussed:

How do you know what you want?

Why you should set goals to get what you want?
What ways can you manifest your desires?

  • Set Intentions
  • Say Prayers
  • Journal
  • Meditate On It
  • Create Vision Boards
  • Speak Out Loud
  • Make Affirmations

2. You Have A Lack Mindset

Do you focus on what you don't have time for, don't have money for, don't have an assistant, don't have a nice home, don't have supportive family, etc.? If so, then you have a lack mindset.

Key Points I Discussed:

What is a lack mindset?
How do you know if you're operating on a lack mindset?
What language does someone with a lack mindset use?

  • “I can't…”
  • “I don't…”
  • “I am not…”

In what ways can you change your scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset?

3. You Have Negative Emotions

Are you happy for other people's successes? How do you feel when other people succeed? If you aren't basking in positive vibes, then you've got to change your mindset!

Key Points I Discussed:

How do you feel when you see other people achieving?
Why you should believe you are worthy?
How can you attract positive vibes?

7 Day Gratitude Challenge

For the next seven days, I want you to start each day by calling to mind one thing that you're grateful for. Write it on a piece of paper or write in a journal, do it as an Instagram post each day or share it each day in your Stories. Take a photo of it and tag me @mumswithhustle either in a post or on an IG Story. Use the hashtag #MWHGratitude!

The ripple effect that this one task will have on your life will be profound and the act of sharing it encourages others to tap into gratitude themselves. You can start this as of now. Don't wait for a Monday or new month or an occasion.

Start today (whether you're listening to this episode in the week it has gone live or even if you've recently found this episode)!


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