MWH 183 : Behind The Scenes of a 6 Figure Instagram Business with Amie-Jane Hankinson of Growing Kind

Behind The Scenes of a 6 Figure Instagram Business

Have you ever wondered if you really can have it all? Do you often feel like you're hustling every minute of every single day while trying to grow your Instagram business? Are you making the most out of nap-time or burning the midnight oil more often than not for little to no reward?

Amie-Jane Hankinson hustled day and night and went back to working full-time hours when her littlest was only a few weeks old. While she was super passionate about what she was doing, she was also extremely overwhelmed and suffering from post natal depression (PND).

Her business, Growing Kind, was born in the midst of her darkest days. Amie wanted to create a supportive community for mothers who were feeling overwhelmed (just like her) so that she could show these women ways that they can reconnect with their children through play.

“I'm financially abundant and money comes to me naturally,” is just one affirmation that Amie has on her wall in a place that she sees everyday.

This particular mindset shift and her overall growth mindset has led Amie to grow her Instagram following to over 30,000 followers and earn over six-figures of income.

Today, Amie is showing you that you really can have it all! Amie's sharing how she smashed through her self-limiting beliefs, about money and success, in order to see significant growth in her Instagram business so you can do the same.

Key Takeaways:

>> [4:38] Amie is the sole creator and director of Growing Kind. She is a mum who dreams of sleeping through the night and drinking her hot coffee in one sitting! Amie is a huge advocate for play, with a love for authentic learning experiences, and a huge appreciation for the raw beauty of nature.

>> [9:50] A few months into starting her Instagram business, Amie started to feel as if she was working every second of every day. Her family soon came to a breaking point, and Amie knew something HAD to change or else she was going to need to give up again.

>> [14:15] You need to push past your limiting beliefs and your imposter syndrome. Once you have 100% belief in yourself, you will feel empowered to make the decisions that will lead you to where you want to be.

>> [16:10] It's easy to look at someone with a large following size and assume that it happened over night or that they've been in business for years. Amie has grown her following from 500 to over 30.1K in 15 months.

>> [17:39] When Amie began using Instagram, she was very salesy. But she soon learned that selling without serving does not work!

Amie then changed her mindset around Instagram by doing these three things:
  • Posting consistently once a day and tracking when her audience was most engaged using the Instagram insights.
  • Amie began viewing IG as a platform to share her knowledge and inspire mothers to live a more balanced life; rather than viewing it as a sales platform.
  • She began collaborating a lot with like minded businesses while using hashtags with intent.

>> [21:00] It's important to make friendships on Instagram. Don't constantly work within the same circle! You want to be able to tap into new audiences, so be open to collaborate with women from all over the world. That is when your reach will be amplified!

>> [22:30] Seeing your Instagram following convert into sales is such a great feeling! Amie uses Google Analytics to track where her sales are coming from. She was extremely surprised to seeing that most of her sales were actually coming from her Instagram Stories where she's extremely authentic.

>> [24:23] It is proven that 80% of our success comes from our environment. When you surround yourself with people who believe in the impossible, it makes things possible for you.

>> [27:19] Hard work does not necessarily equal fantastic results. Sometimes it's the opposite! Amie has had to break through the conditional thinking that money is hard to get.

>> [30:20] Making a lot of money in your business does not make you a bad person. Good people do good things with money!

>> [33:55] What does having it all look like for Amie?

Having it all:
  • To start, Amie does not believe in the word balance. She understands that some days her business is going to require a little bit more of her, and some days her family is going to need all of her time.
  • Understanding that different stages of our lives, our business, and our family will require different levels of our involvement.
  • Amie believes that she can have riches and be a good person, have a successful business and be a present mother, and have ambitious goals and be grateful for what she has.

>> [36:40] The bigger your business grows, the more time you'll have with your family.

>> [40:12] It's always super special to chat with any of my students in the Social Method Society. If you have learned something new from this episode or if you've had an ah-ha moment, please leave me a review me on iTunes! Let me know what you're loving about the podcast and I may read out your review in a future episode.


Like most business owners, ideas for the future keep coming to Amie! She is looking to provide mothers with a calm, connected and conscious environment for their family. Following the success of her first eBook, she plans on releasing her first online program soon. Amie even has a retreat for mothers on the horizon!

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