MWH 195 : Building Your Business Around Your Life with Jennifer Berson

MWH 195 : Building Your Business Around Your Life with Jennifer Berson of Jeneration PR (Part 1/3 In Our Special Motherhood Meets Entrepreneurship Series)

Building Your Business Around Your Life – Part 1/3 In Our Special Motherhood Meets Entrepreneurship Series

The element of having young children around all the time when you’re trying to grow your business can really be a trying journey, but it doesn't have to be hard.

Today’s podcast episode is actually part one a three part series of When Motherhood Meets Entrepreneurship that I’ll be exploring with you here on the podcast.

This episode features a friend of mine who is going to inspire and empower you like crazy, so let’s dive right into it!

Today’s guest is a mum, a powerhouse, a PR guru, and the one woman who is hailed as all three, is sitting on the virtual couch for today's podcast episode. I'm very excited to have an honest conversation about motherhood and entrepreneurship with my friend Jennifer Berson.

During this episode, Jen's opening up about her motherhood and entrepreneurship journey. She's going to share how she navigated the early days of starting her business, how those days looked differently once her kids were born, what her support network looked like, and of course a DIY PR strategy for Mums With Hustle Podcast listeners.

Key Takeaways:

>> [3:51] Jen really wanted to be a present parent and when she looked around at her full-time career, she saw she had no role model. That’s when she realised she was going down the wrong path. She knew that her current career wouldn’t let her have it all or leave her feeling fulfilled.

>> [5:42] Jen’s family was not supportive of her taking this swift career change. So she had to come to terms that her ultimate happiness was based on how she felt and how she wanted to spend her time. It was never about doing the things that make her parents happy. When she did tell her parents she was leaving her job in law, they were filled with fear.

>> [10:01] When things don’t go as planned, Jen feel okay with that. Jen has always been proactive to make things happen for her.

Jen's Business Journey

>> [11:40] About 10 months in to her being a new mum, Jen invested in a nanny. She learned how to be laser focused so she could prioritise the things that matter to her and her clients. Jen also learned how to say no to the opportunities that took her away from her family.

>> [13:40] Jen defines success of being able to have ownership of her time. Having her own business allowed her to take the time to fight for her son (who was diagnosed with Autism) to have a program for him in the school system.

>> [18:19] We think we’re the best solution for our children, but it’s really good for our children to be around other kids. Jen is 100% open to having help with her children. Once Jen knew she needed it, she reached out to get support.

>> [21:48] Feeling guilty for needing help is not productive, and it’s not a way to move your business forward.

>> [23:48] Young mums in business have the feeling that they’ve got to do it all. So I’ve asked Jen to share her best advice for mums who are just starting out in business.

What is Jen’s best advice for young mums in business?

  • You can’t do it all, and that’s okay. Ask for help when you need it. Most spouses want to be helpful, but they don’t know how to help you if you’re not clear with what you need.
  • Make sure you’re taking time for yourself through self-care.
  • Celebrate your wins (even the tiny ones).

>> [25:54] It's obvious that Jen has a place in her heart for entrepreneurs whose stage and budget do not allow for PR services. I asked Jen to share her best tips on how to DIY your own PR strategy! The good news is that PR is much more simple than you think.

How to DIY Your PR Strategy:

  • Start out with the mindset that the people on the other side of your pitch are just people.
  • Your subject line should be just enough to get them to open the email.
  • Express some interest in what they’re writing by making a personal connection.
  • Spend a week or two before you pitch and start to connect through social media.
  • Your pitch needs to include a story idea (no vagueness) that is relevant for that publication and their audience.
  • Make your pitch personal, so the editor knows you are familiar with their work and the content focus of the publication.
  • End your pitch with a CTA (call-to-action).

>> [34:00] Connect with Jen on Instagram @jenerationpr and get started figuring out what you need to be press ready by grabbing a freebie from her website:

>> [35:50] Massive thanks to Jen for sharing her truth and her wisdom. I particularly loved that she was so open and accepting of receiving help when she needed it because she had a vision for her business and she knew a support network would help her get there.

>> [37:02] Next week on the Mums With Hustle Podcast, I’m going to be sharing my best tips for working at home with babies and toddlers!


Jen is planning a 3-part masterclass on how to launch, grow and scale a profitable agency while releasing her eBook: 10 Secrets of Successful PR Agency Owners, (that make them more profitable while working less).

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