How Does Content Marketing Fit Into Your Overall Online Marketing Strategy?

Written by Jayne Day (Webonize)

Successful content marketing is providing helpful and valuable content to your ideal customers, which in time converts them into paying customers.  To be able to have a clear strategy around your content marketing, as a business owner you need to be very clear on your ideal customers buying journey and what they are looking for before they make the decision to purchase what you are offering.

Then, it is looking for opportunities to provide that information in many cases using content marketing strategies, before they convert into a customer and purchase what you are offering.


What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is promotion of content either on your own website such as blog posts, or content promoted on other websites.

Promoting content on other websites, introduces you to a new audience that may not have learned about you otherwise.  Think of it as providing valuable content to your ideal customer. It can include such things as blog posts, podcasts, videos, infographics and ebooks.

Content marketing should be considered as part of your online marketing strategy as a whole so that all the different elements are working together.

How Does It Work In With Other Strategies?

Content marketing can be the starting point of your entire marketing funnel.

Lets look at email marketing.  Generally when we talk about email marketing we start of with a lead magnet or some enticement to give people for free in exchange for them giving you their email address.  In order to let people know about what you are offering as your lead magnet, content marketing can be a great starting point.

For example, you may write a blog post that introduces readers to the information that you are providing and the lead magnet, that they receive by giving you their email address, may be a downloadable item that goes into even more detail than was given in the blog post.  Or it may highlight one particular area.

Another example could be a podcast interview.  You may be talking about your area of expertise on the podcast and you could refer listeners to your lead magnet that gives them even more information.

Your lead magnet then should progress into your email marketing.   Once you have an email database you should be communicating with them on a regular basis to build on the relationship they have with you.

What about Social Media?

Social media is another platform where you can promote your content marketing.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with all the different options that is now available.  Choose 1 or 2 platforms to dominate on and do them well before even considering moving to others.

When choosing which ones to dominate – ask yourself which platforms do you enjoy using and what social media platforms are your ideal clients using the most.  That will give you your answer.

Moving on from growing your social media profiles you also have social media advertising and one that is producing great results at the moment for business owners is Facebook Advertising.

The beauty of Facebook Advertising is you don’t have to spend a fortune to get good results however you do need to have a clear strategy and you do need to know the correct way to set up your campaigns with tracking to monitor your results.  Without these in place you will waste money on your ads.

If you would like further details on setting up a successful Facebook Advertising campaign you can download a free success worksheet here

The important thing to keep in mind when devising your online marketing strategy is what your overall business goals are.  All your marketing should always lead with that ultimate goal in mind.

This article was written by Jayne Day

Jayne is a business and online marketing strategist. Jayne is the founder and managing director of Webonize, an online marketing agency based in NSW, Australia and servicing clients worldwide.  Jayne offers complete online marketing strategies and solutions for business owners so they can be found online by their ideal clients.  You can find out more about Jayne here:




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