MWH 217_ How To Double Your Following And Triple Your Sales On Instagram

MWH 217 : How To Double Your Following And Triple Your Sales On Instagram

How To Double Your Following And Triple Your Sales On Instagram

Do you want to double your following and triple your sales on Instagram? Of course you do! And if you did do this, what would you do with that extra income per month?

Today’s podcast episode is going to get you thinking about how amazing you will feel when you set strong goals and take action to smash them.

So get your thinking cap on and be prepared to take action by answering this question, “Where do you want your IG marketing to be 6 months from now?”

Okay, are you ready?

Let’s get into it!


>> [0:33] Where do you want your Instagram to be six months from now? Take a screenshot right now and make a note of how many followers you have and how many sales you’re making.

>> [1:57] We hear people talking about goal-setting all the time but are they really setting goals or are they simply wishing? Goals are very different. They’re intentional, specific and important because they help us know what we are aiming for.

>> [2:50] Some people avoid goal setting because they have a fear of failure. If that’s you, I encourage you to reframe how you’re viewing goal setting. Not having goals is like driving somewhere new without an address or map.


>> [3:54] Joanna, the creative entrepreneur and owner Life Thread Boutique, is an example of someone who set clear goals and not only achieve them by her deadline, she SMASHED them!!!

>> [5:50] In only 6 short months of being a Member of the Social Method Society, Joanna more than doubled her Instagram following and more than 3X her sales.

>> [6:15] Joanna also has a full time job so she’s got a lot going on in her life but her head is in the game and she’s very intentional and committed to growing her business.

>> [6:58] It wasn’t that long ago that Joanna had a hobby mindset. She didn’t even feel worthy to join the Social Method Society because she was stuck in a mindset that was telling her that she isn’t as good or committed or established as the other members… which by the way are two major abundance blocks – having a lack mindset and comparing yourself to others!!!

>> [8:09] When she joined, Joanna had 497 followers and had an average of 5 sales per month. In 6 months to the day of setting those goals, Joanna’s following was 1009 and her sales were at 17 per month!!!


>> [9:40] What would you do with an additional $850 per month? Some women choose to re-invest their revenue back into building their business. Others choose to go on a family vacation in the year funded by them! Others pay their household bills, school fees, help pay for renovations or childcare.

>> [11:15] Because this is a MWH Podcast, I invite you to put pen to paper and write down where do you want your IG marketing to be 6 months from now?

>> [12:25] The first step to growth is awareness and calling it out!!! Put your desires out there. Be specific. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from setting a goal.

>> [12:46] If you are serious about becoming the person who achieves their goals, then that is what qualifies you as being ready to join the hundreds of clever, kind and collaborative women inside of the Social Method Society when doors open on Feb 24th!!!


>> [13:51] Go to to add your name to the waitlist, and I’ll send you a special invitation to join on the 24th. This invitation will get you EXCLUSIVE BONUSES when you join on the 24th. So go to and set your alarms because you won’t want to miss that email!!!

>> [14:27] I am always so grateful for your energy and time and wonderful feedback about how much this podcast helps you in your business and in your life. So thank you for listening and for sharing it with others. Mums With Hustle is all about supporting the economic advancement of women through business.


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