New Customers Buy From You

How to get New Customers to Buy From You (Without Being Spammy or Scammy)

How to get New Customers to Buy From You (Without Being Spammy or Scammy)

“How do I get more customers to buy from my website?”

This is a question I get asked ALL. THE. TIME. And I get it.

Because I know where you are right now. I know the hard work you’ve put in, the anticipation you’ve felt, the days, weeks, months of hustle.

And I also know about the creeping sense of anxiety and fear that is starting to set in now that you haven’t be slammed by an avalanche of orders each day!

You’ve spent months creating or sourcing a product, designing a logo, building your first website.

You launch…then…

Nothing happens. Crickets.

New-CustomersI’ve been there, trust me.

And so have 100% of my clients.

Actually, this is a common situation for seasoned business owners as well as newbies.

Things change so friggin fast in the online world that you can easily get caught with your pants down.

One month you’re riding high on a wave of orders. The next? Sales have all but dried up. Even though you haven’t done anything different.

Without exception, everyone in this situation feels like they’ve done everything.

  • They’re posting on social media like a demon…
  • They’ve boosted their Facebook posts…
  • They’re networking in Facebook biz groups…
  • They’ve done paid Google ads…
  • Oh and not to mention, they’ve spent hour upon hour creating the perfect flatlay for their Instagram images…

Sound familiar?

Geez all of this stuff is cringeworthy to write down now. I can’t believe how important this all seemed.

And let’s not forget about all the other ideas you may be working on at the same time (like I was)…

New products. Exhibiting at expos. Launching an affiliate program or a party-plan scheme.

Please make it all stop!

Truth smack: You’ll never make a single dime of profit from any of this if you don’t understand this: How does your customer buy?

How does your customer buy?

That’s not the same question as “How do I sell?”

So many times I see businesses selling along the lines of, ‘Are you looking for a widget? We are proud to make quality widgets. Click here to buy yours today.”

Often, such statements are written alongside a single product photograph (sometimes not even a good quality, professional photograph).

Yes, that’s overly simplified. But hopefully you get my point…

How enticing does that statement sound? Does it inspire you to click through?

I’ll tell you what it makes me think. It makes me feel like I’m being sold to. I also have no idea what’s in it for me.

Obviously if I’d already tried the widget and loved it, I’d probably forgive the messaging and be happy to buy it.

Here’s how customers actually buy

Customer has a burning need, problem or desire and starts looking for a solution.

Customer may have already tried various other solutions without much success. Is possibly feeling like a solution that works for her doesn’t exist.

Customer comes to your website.

Your images show people just like this customer, happily using your product in situations that look very much like her real life.

So far, so good.

Then, they start reading your content.

They read about how your product was designed to solve a problem just like theirs. In fact, you can describe their situation PERFECTLY. It’s like you were just in their head.

The read about how the product can help the customer achieve their desired outcome (or solution). But not some generic, watered down version. Again, the transformation is described EXACTLY how the customer imagines it.

The customer sees HERSELF in your content.

Your website – your content, your images, your product descriptions, heck, even your pricing – needs to attract, connect, educate and motivate action.

And the best way to do that is to inspire your ideal customers to believe that their deepest desires are attainable.

The first step to getting customers to buy

Rather than selling to your customers, you need to learn what it is they REALLY want to buy.

That means, learning more about your customers – what is it they actually want?

It’s not your product, it’ll be something more than that.

It could be to feel amazing and look beautiful in a clothing outfit that fits like a glove.

It could be to have an uninterrupted night’s sleep after months of a crying baby.

Grab my free Customer Avatar worksheet

Download my free worksheet to help you figure this out.

And then, I want you to channel your inner Nigella Lawson and start writing some much more compelling, juicy product descriptions that capture your customers’ attention and their hearts as you show just how well you know what they want!


Meet Catherine 

Catherine Langman is the Founder and CEO of Productpreneur Marketing. Her passion is to help entrepreneurs with innovative, niche products to plan for growth, to get their products in the hands of more people, and to become a household brand (whilst stressing less, working smarter and enjoying yourself as much as possible!) An award-winning business owner herself, Catherine has extensive professional experience in product development, brand communications, digital design and online marketing for eCommerce businesses and direct-to-consumer brands.


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