MWH 124 : How Instagram Can Transform Your Business With Angela Sibley From Decor Me

How Instagram Can Transform Your Business

Time is a huge factor when it comes to mums stepping into any courses or programs to better their business.

If you're afraid of time as a bizmum, I have some advice for you:

Time is going to pass by, whether you have a strategy or not.

I know what it feels like to experience Instagram overwhelm, to feel like you always have to come up with good content but you don't know what content to post, the guilt that comes along with having your face buried in an app instead of spending time with your family, and to feel bummed by not getting likes, clicks, or generating an income from Instagram.

This is why I've reverse engineered my strategies and methods to help you skip the learning period and start generating Instagram success. My course Hashtag Hustle will give you time back and help you make the most of your business.

Today, I've invited an awesome Hashtag Hustle graduate onto the podcast to chat about her experience with Instagram before and after Hashtag Hustle!


I am seriously so excited to introduce today's guest 'cause she's here to discuss how her business has thrived on Instagram (even during her total rebrand!), simply because she puts in the work. She's graduated from Hashtag Hustle and has been implementing the strategies she learned along the way!

Today's guest is Angela Sibley, a mum to three girls who initially started her biz as a creative outlet. Angela has a natural love for home decorating and organisation, so she brings her customers a range of interior decorations and DIY tips, tricks, and hacks that are unique, bold and distinctive to the Decor Me brand and your home.

During this episode, Angela is going to talk about her major struggles and hurdles on Instagram, how difficult it was to grow a brand on Insta before knowing any form of strategy, her wins post-course, and her transformations into the Insta queen she is today!

So give a huge welcome to Ange, and let's get into it!


I absolutely adore Angela for being so honest about her marketing game on Instagram before Hashtag Hustle. During this chat, you will learn that Angela has such a drive to better her biz and really soak up as much knowledge as she can to make the most of her business. A true mother hustler!

1. Introducing Angela!

Angela has been a mum with hustle for so long! If you look at her journey, she has always been a dedicated, and determined busy bee, so it's no surprise that her business is taking off.

Key Points We Discussed:

Who is Angela Sibley?
What is Angela's biz journey?
Why is it important to Angela to invest in herself?
Why do you think being organised is so important for mum and in particular bizmums?

2. Angela's Journey With Growing A Tribe on Instagram

Angela's passion to learn about Instagram is amazing! Her Insta transformation is something I've been so proud to witness.

Key Points We Discussed:

What was Angela's biggest struggles and hurdles when using the platform?
What was the most frustrating part about growing a tribe was before Angela took Hashtag Hustle?
At what point did Angela realise she needed help mastering Instagram?
What is Angela's tip to getting stuff done?

  • Angela plans everything into her week, but she always allow herself to be very flexible #becausekids.
  • Think ahead and plan courses, challenges, etc. into your life.

3. Angela's Hashtag Hustle Transformation

Angela was a serious introvert within her biz before she took Hashtag Hustle. Now, she's a natural on camera! Her transformation after taking Hashtag Hustle is incredible!!

Key Points We Discussed:

Was there something that had a profound effect on the way Angela approaches business and marketing on Instagram as a result from taking Hashtag Hustle??

  • Angela reports increased confidence in posting on her Insta Stories.

How using Instagram Stories helped Angela relaunch her business?

4. Angela's Biz Rebrand

Doing a biz rebrand is hard. Angela launched her rebrand on Instagram, notifying her tribe and her process was seamless! I was in awe at how easy she made the process look and how she continued to attract her ideal tribe member while others fell off.

Key Points We Discussed:

What was the process like transforming Angela's brand?
Did Angela notice a drop off in followers, new followers coming on, or a change in engagement throughout the rebrand?
How did the knowledge you learned in Hashtag Hustle help you transition and target your new ideal tribe member?


I asked Angela to describe how she felt about Instagram in one word BEFORE she joined Hashtag Hustle and AFTER (as a graduate).

BEFORE: Confused.
AFTER: Love.

Angela is totally obsessed with Instagram now and she truly believes it's so much fun, and it's such a great way to connect with her audience.

This podcast is proudly brought to you by my 2018 Instagram marketing course – Hashtag Hustle. This program is written especially for the busy mum in business to help her target the right followers and know what to post so she can successfully walk her off the Instagram platform and into her place of business. Stop winging it and wasting time with strategies that don't work! Step up your Instagram game and check out Hashtag Hustle.

There are hundreds of women who are waiting to meet you inside of our private Facebook Group. I cannot wait to give you the step-by-step strategies I used to grow a six-figure business on Instagram!

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Have any questions? Email! I'd love to see you on the inside.


Angela is has a lot happening! She's launching her Kitchen, Pantry & Dining category where she will delve more into decluttering and organisation, plus sharing some of her favorite recipes.

“I want to show people that you don’t need a perfectly decorated home, but I do believe you need to make it yours and what you love, simplify it and your life so you can enjoy time with your loved ones in your home.”

Facebook: @decormeau
Instagram: @decorme_au


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