MWH 169 : How She Built Her Brand Using YouTube with Revie Jane

How She Built Her Brand Using YouTube

Visual content has never been more popular or effective for your business on social media. Many business owners forget that YouTube is a great platform that dominates among visual social networks.

Did you know roughly 85% of online adults consider themselves regular YouTube users? YEP! The opportunities for businesses to get their videos in front of a large, captivated audience are huge.

If you have ever considered marketing your business on YouTube, but haven’t been sure where to start, this podcast episode is for you!


I'm very excited about today's episode because you probably know the social media darling that I'm going to be interviewing! She's a seriously cool chick that I can't wait to welcome onto the virtual couch.

Today's guest is Revie Jane! Revie is a devoted wife, mother-of-two, fitness advocate, entrepreneur, lifestyle influencer and public speaker. Online, she’s a breath of fresh air. In real life, she’s a force who is firmly in the driver’s seat of her life. Finding the courage to share both her personal and business journeys online, the mother-of-two built a community of loyal and supportive followers by living her life out loud.


During this episode, Revie is going to share how she built her brand with YouTube while also giving her best tips on embracing your true self online and IRL.

Make sure you grab a pen and paper because you're going to want to take notes.

1. Introducing Revie Jane!

Revie is a social media darling, and I'm so, so excited to chat with her for you ladies!

Key Points We Discussed:

Who is Revie?
What is Revie's biz journey?
How did Revie found her biz?

2. Living Life Out Loud

Revie is so incredibly passionate about living her life out loud, and that shows throughout her brand. In this section, she's going to be sharing how she has gotten comfortable with getting vulnerable.

Key Points We Discussed:

How does Revie find the courage to share both her personal and business journeys online?

  • Revie feels the fear and she does it anyway.
  • She remembers that even though it's scary, she loves helping others feel less along.

What feelings did Revie experience when she first started being vulnerable and sharing her story?

  • She feels the most human when she gets vulnerable.

3. YouTube

Many women in business sometimes forget that YouTube is an incredible platform to use to grow your business and share your core content. In this section, Revie is sharing with us how she uses YouTube.

Key Points We Discussed:

How has Revie used YouTube as a platform for building her brand?
What is Revie's go-to YouTube brainstorming session?

  • You must ask yourself: What is your channel going to be about? What do you want to share? What valuable information will you be offering people? Who are you sharing it to/ Who is your demographic? What is a realistic upload schedule for you?

How often do vloggers upload to YouTube?

  • Most successful vloggers upload no less than 3 times per week!

What are Revie's tips for growing a successful YouTube channel?

  • Quantity IS better than quality
  • Practice. Remember you can record without having to upload.
  • Don’t worry about your stats, upload consistently regardless.
  • Start!
  • Get yourself some decent internet.


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Revie is super excited about her upcoming speaking tour! Grab tickets to catch Revie live:

[button text=”See Revie Live” url=”https://www.eventbrite.com.au/o/revie-jane-18062952737″ class=””]


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