MWH 185 - How She Took Her Health Practise From Offline To Online

MWH 185 : How She Took Her Health Practise From Offline To Online with Laura Callea of The Pregnancy Posse

How She Took Her Health Practise From Offline To Online

Motherhood can be a challenging and overwhelming journey – especially if you have an online business. It's easy to shy away from talking about the changes that come, physically and mentally, after you become a mum. In addition, there's a certain stigma around these issues, so you rarely hear these changes spoken about.

However, I'm never one to shy away from these types of discussions, and neither are the members in my private academy the Social Method Society. We've nurtured a community where we can be vulnerable.

Honest Conversation

I believe when we open the door for real, honest communication, we'll be able to reach a certain level of empowerment. We can feel confident talking about our bodies and mental health without shame or embarrassment.

Laura Callea felt the same way when she realised many mothers did not know the right information when it came to safe exercise during pregnancy and preventing common pelvic floor issues. She expressed that she felt like she was limited in her ability to only help a certain number of women each week at the clinic she worked at. In her heart, Laura knew that there were so many other women out there that she needed to serve.

“I felt that I had a responsibility to make sure that less and less women were coming into the clinic after birth saying, ‘I wish I had known about safe exercises during my pregnancy!'.”

Laura is a women’s health physiotherapist who felt the urge to create an online community to help women better understand their bodies. She started small by focussing solely on pregnancy with her online blog Physio Laura. Since then, Laura has expanded into her online pregnancy membership program, The Pregnancy Posse.

Today Laura is sharing how she took her health practise from offline to online, how she niched down, and how she keeps her ego in check so that she can serve her audience.

Key Takeaways:

>> [5:26] Laura is a women’s health physiotherapist with a passion for helping women during pregnancy and after birth. She is motivated to empower and educate women to understand their bodies better and make informed decisions.

>> [8:36] Before taking her offline business online, Laura knew she didn't want to park her ideas just because she felt afraid.

>> [11:02] Laura never identified herself as an entrepreneur. Do you feel the same way? Do you identify as more of a small business owner? Well, guess what… If you creating something where there was once nothing, then you're an entrepreneur!

The Stigma

>> [13:18] There is a certain stigma that surrounds talking about recovery after birth, returning safely to exercise and work – even as a stay at home mum.

>> [17:57] As mothers we are so focused on our babies that we put our self-care and health in second (or third or fourth!) place and don’t address common postnatal injuries or weakness until much later down the track.

>> [18:38] Laura is all about helping women regain confidence in their own bodies by educating them about the physical changes that happen during pregnancy and childbirth so that they have a really good understanding about why they may be feeling the way they are.

>> [22:55] Something you must keep in mind is that when you look after yourself, you're looking after your family!

It's important to prioritise yourself.

  • You can incorporate self-care and exercise into your routine without overloading your already full cup.
  • Some examples are by doing your pelvic floor exercises whilst feeding, stretching whilst your baby plays on the floor, drinking water whilst feeding your baby, etc.

>> [26:09] You are not for everyone, and everyone is not for you. This is such a powerful concept to grasp. It can be very liberating once you realise that it's okay that some people will not like you or connect with your products/offerings. On the flip-side there are just as many people who love what you are about and what you do.

>> [29:29] When you know your ideal client/customer intimately, then you'll have a clearer vision and an easier time making decisions in your business.

>> [30:21] Having an abundance mindset will help you niche down because you know that there is enough out there for everyone.

>> [34:38] Giving away free content helps you serve your tribe and establish you as an authority in your niche. Laura gave away free content like blogs, weekly emails, and social media content for 2.5 years before she released any paid products. Once she released her membership program buying from her wasn’t a hard sell, and Laura didn’t feel sleazy or “salesy”.

>> [38:19] Make your free content work for you.

Here's how to make your free content work for you:

  • Develop free lead magnets, so you can build an email list which you can nurture.
  • Collaborate with other businesses for free to help build brand awareness.
  • Repurpose free content into various formats (e.g. blog, video, Q & A, social media).

>> [40:26] You should have an impact why that lights you up so that when things get hard in your business, you're still just as inspired to get up and serve.

>> [41:22] To keep your ego out of your business, you need to remind yourself of your “why”. It helps you to focus on who you're serving, rather than on your own insecurities.

Laura's top tips for keeping your ego out of your business:

  • Feel the fear and do it anyway.
  • If you get butterflies from an opportunity that comes up, try leaning into it.
  • Stay in your own lane.
  • Keep an abundance mindset because there is enough of your audience to go around.
  • Listen to your tribe. You'll create some of your best content based on the feedback your audience provides.

>> [48:25] Laura's number one life and business tip is to practice gratitude. Find the extra in the ordinary!

>> [56:31] How amazing was this episode? I'm honestly curious to know what your biggest takeaway was. For me, it's definitely just feeling the fear and doing it anyway. I would love to hear from you. Remember when you tag me (@mumswithhustle) in your IG Stories, I get a DM. I love reposting as many of the Stories I get tagged in!

If you've loved this episode, consider listening to MWH 183 : Behind The Scenes of a 6 Figure Instagram Business with Social Method Society member, Amie-Jane Hankinson.


Laura is continuing to work on making the Pregnancy Posse as amazing as possible and spreading it’s reach even wider. In true hustler fashion, Laura is giving away a free pelvic floor video for all #MWHPodcast listeners that you can check out at

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