MWH 159 : How To Be A Good Wife

How To Be A Good Wife

This episode is a bit of an interesting one because it brings up a mix of emotions for me. I find myself giggling, rolling my eyes, my blood slightly boil with frustration, and I end up feeling a bit challenged.

Okay, I can't hold it back anymore…


Today we're talking about a certain article that is going around on Facebook about what makes a good wife, and how these beliefs have really shaped how we view ourselves and our business.

1. Understand Your Beliefs

I always say, “You are what you absorb!” In this section, we're talking about beliefs and how your beliefs are like a map that guides you towards living your best life and fuelling you to take action.

Key Points I Discussed:

What are you holding onto that is costing you your joy?
What do your beliefs shape?
How are our limiting beliefs harming us?

2. Replacing Old Beliefs

The first step in replacing old, disempowering beliefs with new, empowering beliefs is to understand the five places our beliefs come from.

Key Points I Discussed:

Why must you understand where the beliefs come from?
Where are these beliefs coming from?

  • Environment
  • Events
  • Knowledge
  • Past Results
  • Future Vision

3. The Facebook Post That Inspired This Episode

Okay, so I'm sure you want to see what I'm reading at the end of this episode, so give that article a look here:



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