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How to write killer copy


So as a Small Business Owner, you are likely wearing 1 BILLION different hats; maker, social media manager, customer service consultant, bookkeeper, pr executive and crafter of copy… just to name a few. I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say it can be SUPER fun but oh so draining. I mean, we can’t be great at everything can we?

Obviously we are HIGHLY skilled at most things…how else do we rock the #mumlife and the #bizlife? Oh that’s right – COFFEE. Sweet sweet caffeine…mmmmm….ANYWAY, I digress. I’m here today to chat to you about your copy and how YOU can write KILLER copy each and everytime.


1. Define WHO you are talking to

This is actually THE most important thing you can do. There’s no point writing something if it’s not connecting with your target audience. Like today for example, I’m writing for you gorgeous biz mummas. So, I’ve taken the professional tone down a notch because we’re all friends here.

If for example, I was writing for a Law Firm [yup, I do write for law firms], I would cut the conversational tone, NOT use words like ‘yup’ and get straight to the point. The aim of the game here is to mirror how your target demographic speak.

For example:

  • Male / Female / Both….there’s a BIG difference!
  • Age Group….so using pop culture connotations is NOT going to fly with the nannas. Trust me, my mother in law doesn’t understand half of what I say. Similarly, the youngens have a whole different lingo. Keep this in mind.
  • Business to Business or Business to Consumer. The marketing tactics used for B2B vs B2C are vastly different. You need to hit the right note.
    Interests. So what are they into? Do they like the odd game of golf, are they fitness enthusiasts, do they Netflix and chill regularly? Create a list of EXACTLY what your target demographic is into so you can form a clear image of your stereotypical customer / client.
  • Life stage. Are they grey nomads, diinks (double income/no kids), young family? Think about what a typical day looks like for them and get INTO their psyche. Hannibal Lecter style…actually don’t go that far!

2. Get your messaging RIGHT

I know it’s really tempting to kill two birds with one stone. Ie: promote a new product and share a piece of biz news BUT people are busy ya’ll. They don’t have time to decipher two separate messages. They’re likely chasing after kids, cooking, working or just mindlessly scrolling through their phones. You need to be CRYSTAL clear in your call to action.

For example, which of these statements makes you want to sign up for my newsletter:

1. Sign up for my newsletter and you’ll receive exclusive discounts, fitness news, recipes and fitness videos to get those abs into shape!
2. Hey you! Want killer abs this summer? Sign up today and I’ll send you my Ultimate Ab Workout!

Option 1 is still passable BUT aren’t you more excited by Option 2 (wouldn’t we ALL love killer abs!)? Keep it clear and your audience will thank you for it.

3. Pepper It Baby!

Do NOT be shy about adding your flava to your writing. Think about the amount of emails, social media posts, blogs, articles you read…there’s SO much awesome content out there. Content that deserves to be digested with gusto BUT…sometimes it’s really boring we lose interest right? So, how can your business shine bright like a diamond and out-sparkle your competition?Pepper it!
My favourite way of doing this so the piece is still valuable, (all pepper is no good, don’t do that) is by writing the factual piece FIRST. Keeping in mind my target demographic, my call to action and what I’m hoping to achieve. Then, I go through and add a little flava to it. Now Pepper doesn’t have to be funny, it can be educational, it can be emotional, it can be creative.

For example, which of these two statements has an impact on you:

1. Sadly, 12,000 Australian Children will go without a gift this Christmas. Help us keep the magic of Santa alive and deliver 12,000 gifts to those in need. Because EVERY child deserves to experience the wonderment of Christmas.
OR /
2. This Christmas, there will be approximately 12,000 Australian Children who go without a gift. Due to circumstances beyond their control, these children will wake to empty stockings. We are collecting donations and would appreciate your support in our quest to deliver gifts to each and every one of them.

Which statement made you want to donate? I’m guessing (hoping) it was option 1. Your mission is to make your reader FEEL something. So, choose your Pepper type and sprinkle where needed.
Copywriting is a crucial aspect for ANY business. Think about the amount of writing you do each day; blogs, social media posts, web copy, email marketing pieces…the list goes on!

Don’t leave it up to chance, spend the time crafting your copy and ensuring it is poised to convert every-time.
Happy writing!

Meet Marissa

After having her son Oliver, Marissa took a leap of faith and started her own business, The Savvy Assistant. Marissa specialises in copywriting, marketing and social media management. Marissa is a self-confessed caffeine addict by day, wine enthusiast by night and a ‘sometimes' fitness junkie. Her free time is spent wrangling the cheeky but charming men in her life, Adam & Oliver.




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