MWH 174 : 3 Of Your Instagram Marketing Questions Answered

3 Of Your Instagram Marketing Questions Answered

Instagram is my jam! I love that IG is undeniably one of the most important social media channels around because it allows you to engage and get to know your ideal customer on a deeper level.

There's a lot of information out there in the blogosphere about Instagram marketing, so today I'm clearing the air about three common IG questions that will blow your mind.


What things in particular are you struggling with when it comes to marketing on Instagram and online? This is the question I ask the lovely ladies on my email list, so today I'm answering three of the most common questions that I've been asked by them.

1. What is the best way to encourage engagement with your post without sounding desperate?

The truth is that we need to work on our Instagram and entrepreneurial mindset. This is something I am so passionate about helping my podcast listeners and my students inside of the Social Method Society. I want them to begin to master their thought patterns and behaviour; to create new empowering beliefs that create the experience they desire!

Key Points I Discussed:

Why do you need to start paying attention to the thoughts that you have?

  • Dr. Joe Dispenza tells us that we think 60-70,000 thoughts a day and 90% of our thoughts are the same thoughts that we had yesterday!

How can you smash through your limiting beliefs?
How do you feel about using CTAs?

  • CTAs are not desperate.
  • Reframe this mindset, and view it as a different behaviour.
  • Then you'll get the outcome that you desire.

2. What 3 things would you recommend I focus on as I launch my online account/presence?

I love this question because it relates perfectly to Social Beginnings which is stage one on my Social Method Success Path. In this section, I dive into not three, but five things I recommend you focus on when launching your account presence.

Key Points I Discussed:

Why do you need to be focussing on your big vision?

  • You get clear and can work backwards from there.

What is the importance of getting clear behind your why?

  • Get to the point where you have a deeper why behind what you do.
  • Your customers are buying the WHY, not the what.

Why do you need to know who you're serving?

  • Understanding your ideal customer is part of the ingredients in growing a successful brand.
  • This is part of your business plan.

What is the importance of getting clear on your brand messaging and visual vibe?
Why should you be setting yourself up for success on Instagram?

3. How do you manage to stop letting social media rule your life?

We all need to be coming back to knowing where Instagram or Facebook fits into our overall strategy. Often we can procrastinate on social media because we don't know what other parts of the online marketing puzzle we should be working on. In this section, I share how to stop letting social media rule your life.

Key Points I Discussed:

Why do you need someone to empower you with knowledge?

  • You'll start making more money by leading your audience OFF the ‘gram!

How can you change your thinking when it comes to posting?
Why it is important to have a clear pathway on IG?

  • Business becomes fun!
  • Instagram marketing also becomes fun because it works for you!

Who are some examples of success?

  • Anna from @betty.bluebelle did a post that she got 50 likes, BUT that post got 6 people to sign up to her email list… organically! That's so amazing.
  • Vanessa from recently set herself up with email marketing and implemented a welcome sequence designed to convert into sales… and she woke up to sales. She's making money while she sleeps!


This episode is proudly brought to you by the Social Method Society, my online learning academy for women growing businesses using Instagram. I'd love to invite you to join my academy. If you have promised that 2019 is the year that you'll stop guessing and start making more money, then I believe that you owe it to yourself to take action now.

Start making more money in your business, growing your email list, collaborating with other brands… you don't have to wait to get started from day one in your business.

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