MWH 140 : Is Your Money Mindset Keeping You Small with Kelly Roach of Kelly Roach Coaching

Is Your Money Mindset Keeping You Small

Do you want to achieve great things with your biz? Of course you do, girlfriend! Running a successful business starts with having a good relationship with money and your mindset.

In another podcast episode, I opened up about the several money blocks that I once suffered from. Today's episode is really going to help you stretch your money mindset beyond what you think is capable and achieve things that you never thought are possible.


I am so excited for today's episode because we're going to help you understand and embrace a positive money mindset! That's right, girlfriend. We're talking money!

Today's guest is Kelly Roach, a mum, business coach, ex-NFL Cheerleader, and health and fitness nut. Kelly is passionate about helping business owners reach their true potential and live out their dreams by building profitable businesses that enhance every aspect of their lives.

You may want to grab a pen and paper because Kelly is definitely delivering some amazing tips to help you overcome your money blocks so you can start to lean in and achieve the things you never thought were possible.


During this episode, Kelly is going to share her insider knowledge to help you achieve a positive money mindset and achieve things that you never thought are possible.

1. Introducing Kelly!

Kelly is a business growth strategist who is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs really tap into their true potential. I absolutely love her passion and story!

Key Points We Discussed:

Who is Kelly Roach?
What is Kelly's biz journey?
How did Kelly found her biz?

2. Positive Money Mindset

Your money mindset directly impacts every situation in your life, and it most definitely impacts your business growth. In this section, Kelly is addressing what a positive money mindset is and why you need to have one!

Key Points We Discussed:

What is a positive money mindset?
How can someone come from an abundance mindset?

3. Assessing Your Money Mindset

There is a world of unlimited possibility, and having a positive money mindset also allows room for you to take on opportunities that you truly resonate with and want to do.

Key Points We Discussed:

How does a poor money mindset present itself in your life?

  • You make decisions in your life based off of your finances.
  • Thinking “I can’t because of…” instead of asking “How can I?”

How is poor money mindset manifesting itself in female entrepreneurs?

  • Making poor financial decisions in your business (not getting the proper training, resources, courses, etc.).

How should a woman in business overcome their negative money mindset?
How to reset your money mindset?

  • Write down your money mindset blocks and create a sentence that is in reverse of that.
  • Identify the old beliefs that you want to let go.
  • Identify the new beliefs that you truly believe.
  • Allow your new beliefs to become a part of your everyday life.
  • Start absorbing content that allows you to expand your mind.

4. Creating Meaningful Opportunities

I cannot stress enough that in order to create meaningful opportunities and run a successful business then you need to have the proper money mindset. It's crucial!

Key Points We Discussed:

How should a startup entrepreneur be wise with the money that they have?

  • Advertising is key
  • Get help learning how to start your business the right way the first time.

What is Kelly's recommendation for investing in Facebook Ads?
Why you should invest in the next level for more opportunities?

  • You lose more money and time if you don't make the investment the right way the first time.

What are Kelly's best tips for those who are ready to start their own journey as an entrepreneur?

  • Start your business as a side hustle. Don't quit your day job just yet!
  • Get your finances in check.
  • Smash the scarcity mindset and start coming from a place of abundance.
  • Know what investments you need to make. Get the training and knowledge you need to be successful.

How to make profitable decisions to create meaningful opportunities?


This episode of the Mums With Hustle podcast is brought to you by We want to help you get to the next level of impact and income in business!

I would love to know how you're evaluating your money mindset. Feel free to DM me and let me know what you have connected with. If you're feeling brave, I want you to take a picture of yourself or your surroundings and tag me @mumswithhustle in your Instagram Stories telling me what you resonated with the most!


Kelly's podcast Unstoppable Success Radio is live three times a week, if you're an entrepreneur who wants to go further, faster. Definitely give it a listen!

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Instagram: @kellyroach13


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