MWH 022 : Transform Your Brand With Kickass Photography With Louise Glendon (Click Love Grow)


This week’s podcast guest is Louise Glendon, an Aussie Mum of three living in the USA who kills it in the photography space.

Louise is the founder and owner of her online photography biz, Click Love Grow. Click Love Grow provides quality online photography courses for women who love photography, and for business women who are looking to enhance their brand through strong imagery.

Louise has worked hard to set up and grow her own online biz that monetizes her passion and interest in photography. The beauty about her online business is that even though she had it all set up here in Australia, when the time came for her and hubby to move with the family, her business could easily travel with her. It also meant that she had flexible work hours to keep growing her business (at her own pace) even throughout her pregnancy and during her maternity leave – all added bonuses of having a passive income generating biz!

Louise really knows her stuff! She was great in sharing all kinds of business knowledge with me during our chat as well as some winning photography tips that you can action immediately! During the episode we cover:

  • What is a niche? Unpacking the process of niching down.
  • How she came to truly understand her ideal client (avatar).
  • What is meant by a passive income business model.
  • Ways to generate passive income.
  • How to create an online course.
  • How to make yourself be found as an online biz.
  • Overcoming the challenges of biz mum life.
  • How to arrive at a winning product idea/s.
  • Email list building strategies.
  • Tips that will transform the way you take photographs (for your products blogs and social media).


6 Quick Photography Wins

Would you like to access 6 Quick Photography Wins that will transform the way you take photos of your products, your blog and your social media? I’ve created a cheat sheet that includes 3 tips from Louise and 3 bonus tips from me! Sign up now and I’ll deliver it straight to your inbox.

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Free Photography Mini Course

Subscribe for the Click Love Grow 7 Day Photography Lesson Course here.


Resources discussed:

B-School An online course to help you build your business online with Marie Forleo

Mailchimp – Great starting point to grow an email list

Infusionsoft More detailed Sales and
 marketing software for small businesses

Paypal – Receiving and managing payments

Optimizepress 2 A great (and cheap) WordPress plugin to build courses, landing pages, sales pages and so much more.

Wishlist Member Another WordPress plugin to help build your online course.

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Connect up with Louise:

Website – Click Love Grow

Facebook – Click Love Grow

Instagram – @clicklovegrow



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