MWH 277 : How To Move Past Your Negative Thoughts (To Start Achieving Your Big Dreams

MWH 277 : How To Move Past Your Negative Thoughts (To Start Achieving Your Big Dreams)

MWH 277 : How To Move Past Your Negative Thoughts (To Start Achieving Your Big Dreams)

In this week’s podcast, I’m going to talk about how to move past your negative thoughts so you can start achieving your big dreams.

Have you ever had that small voice in your head saying the most unkind and far from encouraging messages? I know I have… If you’ve ever experienced negative self talk, then this episode is for you.


Listen to this episode as I am going to guide you in a self-coaching exercise. I’m going to share this practice with you so that when negative self talk kicks in, you can coach yourself whenever (and if ever) you need to.

Even after 6 years into the business and achieving many milestones, it doesn’t mean that the old negative self talk stops… I wish I could tell you that it stops, but it doesn’t. I also hear from my peers and even mentors that this is something that creeps up on them.

When it does creep up, you have two choices:

1. Believe those negative thoughts which then dictate what your next actions become, or;
2. You can choose to ignore them and move forward.

(Find your Word Of The Year by following this process. This word is important to really anchor and ground you in the next 12 months. Listen here>>>)

Make sure to have a pen and paper when you listen to this. This is a really actionable episode! The exercise will not take you more than 5 minutes.

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Until next week! Stay happy in your hustle.


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