MWH 313: “Is this still working for our family?” with Rebecca Winston

MWH 313: “Is this still working for our family?” with Rebecca Winston

MWH 313: “Is this still working for our family?” with Rebecca Winston

At this time of the year, I believe it’s really important for us to have a conversation or reflect on any new habits that we want to bring with us in 2022… As well as, what are the things that no longer serves us and ask ourselves, “Is this still working for our family?”

Joining me in this episode is my very good friend, Rebecca Winston!


Bec is someone I really look up to when it comes to valuing family life, marriage, being an impact-driven entrepreneur, and bringing organisation in both life and business.

She is a multi-passionate business owner, wife and mum of two in Brisbane, Australia. She runs multiple businesses in different industries and finds the common ground between all of them is good systems and good people.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to re-establish working routines for your family when you’re a business owner and / or working from home.
  • Simple practices for creating stronger bonds as a young family.

Ladies, I want you to think about: What are your family needs right now, in order for your business and your lives to thrive?

Let me know by sending me a DM on Instagram @mumswithhustle or write me an email at!

Until next week, stay happy in your hustle.


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