MWH 421 : The Number One Instagram Skill You Need To Master in 2024

MWH 421 : The Number One Instagram Skill You Need To Master in 2024

MWH 421 : The Number One Instagram Skill You Need To Master in 2024

In this week’s podcast, I’m going to be sharing with you the number one Instagram skill that you need to master in 2024.

Get ready to learn the absolute, hands down, biggest skill that is going to skyrocket your growth and create incredible opportunities for you and your business!


When you speak directly to the camera or when you see someone speaking directly to the camera, a whole new level of connection unfolds.

We are not just communicating through text. We are emotional beings that also connect through energy and tone of voice and eye contact.

You are making that process of connection so much quicker. You are unlocking the power to evoke emotions, to educate, to establish yourself as a seasoned authority in your field.

By developing the skill of speaking directly to the camera on Instagram, you will…

  1. Overcome internal limitations: Empower yourself to use your voice, so you can show up confidently and share your knowledge and expertise with the world.
  2. Master external skills: Record captivating videos, add captions and covers to reels, and develop proficiency in copywriting.
  3. Establish your authority: Speaking directly to your audience through video creates a trusted relationship and sets you apart from competitors.
  4. Connect deeply with your audience: Video allows for emotional connection making your message more impactful and memorable.
  5. Boost your confidence: Practising and mastering the art of speaking directly to the camera will build your confidence.

The Number One Instagram Skill You Need To Master in 2024

Ladies, now is the time to embrace the power of video on Instagram. Show up authentically, connect deeply, and become the shining star in a sea of sameness.

Let 2024 be the year you master the art of speaking directly to the camera and unlock a world of possibilities for your business.

To help you, I have a framework for you to get up on your stories today and speak to your audience. Get your pen and paper now and write this down:

The script is:

“Hi, I am [Your Name] and I'm the founder of [Your Business Name], where I help [Your Audience] go from [Their Current State] to [Their Future State] by [Your Solution] without [Perceived Prerequisite].”

Take that script and see how you go. It is insanely valuable to have this script. This could become your intro on every single video or talking head reel that you do in the future.

I am so excited to see you implement it and take action because of the ripple effects of this one Instagram skill. Once you’ve done this, tag me @mumswithhustle.

Also, if you are not a member yet, go to to add your name to the wait list or to join us when we are open. I cannot wait to see you in there, and I cannot wait to start supporting you with the internal and the external challenges that you face, and to help you advance your skillset and grow your beautiful business in a freedom filled way.

Until next week, stay happy in your hustle.


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