MWH 435 : Turning $4, 000 Into $60,000 With A Unique Launch Strategy

MWH 435 : Turning $4K Into $6K With A Unique Launch Strategy

MWH 435 : Turning $4K Into $60K With A Unique Launch Strategy

In this episode, we dive deep into an alternative launch strategy that turned a $4K investment into a minimum of $60K! We explore the journey of a mentee who stepped away from the traditional live launch model to embrace an approach that was not only lucrative but deeply aligned with her values and strengths.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to break the mold and find success in online business by doing things differently.


Turning $4K Into $60K With A Unique Launch Strategy

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The Power of Alternative Launch Strategies: Learn about the effectiveness of non-traditional launch methods, particularly focusing on intimate, in-person events as opposed to digital-only launches.
  • Personal Alignment Over Trends: Discover the importance of choosing a launch strategy that feels natural and aligns with your personal strengths, rather than sticking to what's popular.
  • Detailed Breakdown of a Successful Strategy: Get an insider look at how a $4,000 investment was transformed into $60,000 through careful planning, execution, and leveraging personal zones of genius.
  • The Importance of High-Value Connections: Understand why creating meaningful, face-to-face connections can be far more valuable than widespread digital engagement.
  • Rinse and Repeat for Success: Learn how this strategy can be replicated and scaled for continuous growth and success in your business.
  • Live Launch Methods: An overview of popular live launch methods like webinars, masterclasses, and challenges.
  • In-Person Events as a Strategy: Exploration of the benefits and logistics of hosting high-end, in-person business events.

Here are some action steps you can do after you listen to this episode:

  1. Reflect on your unique strenghts: Consider what feels natural and exciting to you in the context of launching and promoting your services.
  2. Consider alternative strategies: Open your mind to launch strategies outside the digital realm. Think about how you can leverage in-person events or other creative methods.
  3. Plan your investment: Evaluate your current budget and resources to see how you could implement a similar strategy that aligns with your business model.
  4. Seek guidance and mentorship: Remember the value of mentorship and coaching to gain fresh perspectives and insights into your business.

Ladies, what feels authentic to you? How can you leverage your unique gifts to create a business strategy that not only achieves financial success but also brings you profound satisfaction? Let me know by sending me a DM on Instagram @mumswithhustle or an email at

Until next week, stay happy in your hustle.


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