MWH 196 : My Best Tips For Working At Home With Toddlers (Part 2/3 In Our Special Motherhood Meets Entrepreneurship Series)

My Best Tips For Working At Home With Toddlers

Working at home with babies and toddlers is not an easy feat, but it doesn’t have to be difficult either. During today’s episode, I’m going to be sharing how I spend my time working in my business and my best tips for working at home when your children are still there with you.

If you pick up any theme from today’s message, I hope it’s that you understand the importance of knowing who you are, honouring that, and treating yourself with respect for where you are now in your entrepreneurial journey.

Key Takeaways:

>> [0:29] Today’s podcast episode is part two of a three part special that covers when Motherhood Meets Entrepreneurship. If you’ve missed part one, please feel free to go back and listen to episode MWH 195 : Building Your Business Around Your Life with Jennifer Berson of Jeneration PR. I had a really enlightening conversation with Jen all about how she navigated the early days of starting her business, how those days looked differently once her kids were born, and what her support network looked like.

>> [2:36] During today’s episode, I’m going to be sharing my best tips for working at home with babies and toddlers.

>> [2:56] I want to start this episode off with the disclaimer that we’re all unique and we’re all different. We need to honour exactly who we are at this given moment in time. I’m purely sharing what has worked for me, so it helps one person. I’m not some guru when it comes to this sort of thing, but what I’m sharing is what I have learned and put into practice over the last four years of being a business owner.

>> [5:01] I only aim to get three things done in one day. Some days I feel like I’m more in flow and I can bust out so much stuff, but then there are other days where I can only get one task done. Life is full of expectations, and we are putting expectations on other people and on ourselves. You are the one that is putting the expectations on yourself. I’ve come up a “rule” of three and it makes me feel really good when I get things done.


  1. One thing I work on every day is something be related to marketing.
  2. Then, I work on something that generates income. I do this because if it’s income generating, it’s also impact generating.
  3. I try to learn something new every day. My third thing is always related to self-development.

>> [10:09] Be aware of the expectations you’re setting on yourself.

>> [10:43] Master your mind and the way you were designed to think. You can do this by getting to know yourself! Investing in yourself in terms of self-awareness and mindset. For instance, I know when my brain and energy is best for performing at executing tasks throughout different times during the day.

>> [12:56] Your “Hour of Power” is actually something different when it comes to performance and entrepreneurship. It’s that time during your day when your’e the most energetically charged and things aren’t heavy.

>> [15:45] Don’t punish yourself if you don’t meet your own expectations. It’s okay if your’e building your business at a slower pace.

>> [16:58] During my eldest’s first two years of life, he was a serial cat napper. I couldn’t rely on getting a solid one or two hours.


  • I leaned into the Pomodoro Technique where you work for a solid 20 minutes followed by a 5 minute break where you do something completely different.
  • It’s important to know what you’re going to do during those 20 minutes.

>> [20:05] If you’re not a member of the Social Method Society, you can jump on the waitlist HERE.

>> [21:06] I had old beliefs about what “work time” meant to me and that belief had me trapped. I forgot that I had the power to choose what “work time” looks like for me. It doesn’t have to look or feel like what it was when you worked for someone else. Your “work time” is in your control and you can structure it in a way that makes you feel energised.

>> [22:50] I often work during my boy’s nap times, so from 12pm-2pm. It’s usually from my phone because my youngest still co-sleeps with me. Depending on the season that I’m in, I’ll work at night from 8pm-10pm.

>> [24:43] If the boys are awake, and I want to get some work done, I often have the boys “help me” clean the house. I give them pretend tools that get them involved so they can see that we all help each other when we’re cleaning up around the home.


  • I have a visual timetable from Rachel of Mission Magnets that can create a routine for your children and give them structure. It gives them a sense of purpose.
  • I’m conscious of my boy’s interests, so I set them up with something they LOVE to do that will occupy them.
  • I also set up play prompts.

>> [29:30] I know a lot of mothers don’t come into motherhood with play based knowledge learning, so I’d love to introduce you to Amy Cox from Playful Little Learners. You’ll learn so much from her! You can also check out Casey Patch from Little Lifelong Learners who offers really great play prompts.

>> [32:38] I have shared some of my best tips for working at home with babies and toddlers. I’d absolutely love to know some of yours! Send me a DM or tag me in your Stories @mumswithhustle with some of your best tips. I’d love to share them with my audience.

>> [34:14] Stay tuned for next week’s episode of the Mums With Hustle Podcast because I will be concluding this three-part series with a Social Method Society Member and an all around wonder woman, Willo Ford.


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