One thing all successful mumpreneurs have in common


Now that I’ve got your full attention, can we try to keep it that way, just to the end of this blog post please busy mama?


At present, I have interviewed of 50 incredible mumpreneurs on the podcast alone, add to that those I have interviewed via the blog and those that I have partnered with on various joint ventures or collaborations and I don’t even know the final total of kick ass mumpreneurs that I have had the privilege and honour of speaking to! Let’s just say, there have been a lot.


I need to share with you the ONE quality that I have observed in ALL of these mumpreneurs.


That is, FOCUS.


Focus is incredibly powerful in helping you get ahead.


Keep reading because I’m going to share my tips for staying on track!


I Love A Good Success Story


Last year, I interviewed the smart and successful Heather Rowland from Kippins. Heather and her husband run this thriving business that was born out of Heather’s crazy pregnancy dreams and fears of “never being able to sleep well again”, once baby number one arrived.




How crazy are those pregnancy dreams btw!!! And the fear of never sleeping again… that is more than a fear, it kinda becomes a reality for a little while there (I know you feel me!).


Anyway, I digress.


Back to Heather and Kippins.


It’s safe to say that Heather’s creative dreams have helped many children (and their parents) get their much-needed rest with the help of her organic, on trend, comforter friends – the Kippins. From the get go, Heather was in it for the long haul. That meant, not rushing any part of the process, especially in those beginning stages. Heather’s philosophy is to FOCUS on doing one thing, and doing it well and boy, are they nailing it in their biz over at Kippins! They have become such a trusted brand with a reputable product.




To listen to Heather share all the ins and outs of how they grew their biz, with focus, check out this podcast episode.



Key lesson. If you’ve ever wondered about how to be successful in biz then be prepared to slow down and put the ground work in.




That focus will ensure that you don’t become distracted along the way.




Like in the case of Kippins, sometimes it’s best to say no and do one thing exceptionally well, making you the go-to brand for that item and the authority in that space.


I completely relate to that.


Personal story.


In the very early days of my business, people seemed to share their opinions about what I could be doing with it and the things I should consider, particularly in regards to how I could monetise quickly. I knew then and I know now, what my vision is and I know who I am serving (you) and I have put that stake in the sand and decided to trust my gut very early on and stay the course. We have not rushed.


Entrepreneurship is not a sprint. It’s a marathon.


I know it’s tempting though, to want to experience instant “success” and it’s tough when you look around you and you see similar mumpreneur owned businesses doing great things or expanding in an exciting way, monetising and growing their biz. It’s easy to get caught up and think “I could do that”. Or when you have someone approach you to collaborate with on a giveaway, a product or a joint venture, it’s sometimes hard to refuse but it might be necessary. Being hasty and jumping in and trying to do it all because you have massive FOMO can result in you doing nothing really! You can get yourself spinning in circles and run yourself ragged without any real purpose or sense of accomplishment. Eventually, you move further and further away from your WHY and away from your VISION.


Where does that get you?


Overwhelmed is one destination!


But you also end up with a muddied message and that isn’t helpful when you are trying to become an authority or reputable mumpreneur in your space, be it as a brand rep, blogger, ecommerce owner, influencer, service provider or content marketer.




Here’s a tip that I have often used to keep myself focused and on track to achieving my current goal.




I have my goal written on post-its and I have those in random places where I will see them and even where they get in my way, like:


  • the fridge
  • my mirror
  • my desktop (make it a screen saver if you’d prefer)
  • my phone (screen saver again or background)
  • vision board


You get my drift?


Be SMART with those goals


Having my goal visible to me in different places means I have to evaluate, every time I see the post-it, whether or not the thing I am doing is helping me achieve my goal or if it is taking me away from my goal. Anything taking your attention away is a distraction! Now, you can do this with a business goal,  a fitness goal or a financial goal. It works. Trust me.


I am always saying that we need to write goals down and be specific in their detail. Just make sure that you don’t have too many goals going at the same time.


What ever your goal is, be sure that it all fits in with the bigger picture. Know what you want in the long term and set about writing goals for what is going to get you there. In other words, plan it backwards.


Once you have your vision, you are set. Make no excuses and don’t get distracted.


Let Me Help You


If you’re serious about getting focused and smashing your biz goals, I want to share with you the tried and tested goal setting method that I follow. Click here and you’ll find an awesome interview with Sara Sheedy, a super successful mumpreneur. There’s even a FREE template available there that I created to help you stay focused 🙂


You’ve got this mama.




Tracy (Mumboss at Mums With Hustle)


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