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MWH 133 : Why You Need To Slow Down In Business

Why You Need To Slow Down In Business

I'm all about creating a business that gives you the lifestyle you want. Part of that for us here at Mums With Hustle is having holidays! We love exploring new places, experiencing other cultures, and just getting out holiday on in general.

We actually had our holiday in Thailand planned way before we re-launched Hashtag Hustle. Believe me, that holiday was much needed because the first quarter of the year was full-on hustle mode!

It's an understatement to say that we were sprinting for a solid three months, so we gave took a vacay… And to be quite honest, my holiday in Thailand really inspired the idea for this podcast.

We, as hustlers, really do need to slow down in business!


In this episode, I'm going to be chatting with you all about how stepping out of your business is so important and that doing less can help you achieve more.

More often than not, your to-do list is longer than what you can even actually action! Sound familiar? At the end of the day, we seem to not prioritise things that are more or equally important than actually doing work in our business!

In truth, we need to really focus on learning how to hustle with consciousness. You guessed it… This episode is all about conscious hustle!


We always find a way to make the work happen, but what about the rest and relaxation? How do we make that take priority and over come any burn out? That's what I'm diving into and chatting with you about this week. As always, if you can't listen and you'd rather have a quick read – here's a recap of what I discussed in this episode.

1. Rest, Relaxation, and Holidays

When you are in start up phase it can be so tempting to work all the time… Here's the cold hard truth:

When you are a business owner, you will never fully be caught up.

Key Points I Discussed:

How is the hustle in your control?
In what way am I an ambitious woman?

Why shouldn't you be doing everything at all times?

2. All About Hustle

Yes, we are mums with hustle. But that doesn't come at the cost of sanity or ignoring the other more important aspects of your life: family, health, faith, etc.

Key Points I Discussed:

How can you hustle with consciousness? You must know:

  • What you're choosing to work on and why
  • What's at stake if you choose to work on that thing and not something else
  • Your worth
  • Your value
  • That time is non-renewable
  • When you're just hustling for hustle sake – busy being busy, and not busy being productive and being purposeful.

How is doing business as a mum different?

  • Unique circumstances
  • Our earnings are not just ours
  • The decisions we make take into the consideration the effect it will have on our families, households, and little people

Why you need to remember the hustle is your choice?
What ways can you reach a higher place of consciousness?

3. Plan In Your Freedom

We can have to-do lists that are way too damn long sometimes! We need to start planning in our freedom, especially when it comes to taking a holiday from our business.

Key Points I Discussed:

How to plan in your freedom?

  • Get out your calendar
  • Mark in the days that you won't work (birthdays anniversaries, holidays, sabbaticals)
  • Book it in and make it happen. Put the money down!

Ways you can stop feeling bad about taking time to relax, rejuvenate, and reset?
Why are holidays so great for entrepreneurs?
How to differentiate between what you should be doing and what you could be doing?

Why you shouldn't feel bad about taking breaks or practising self care?


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Your Year (framework)


I'm all about hustling with consciousness, heart, and purpose! This podcast is all about action.

So here's my action step for you:

Pull out your calendar mark in the days over the next few months that you will not work.

Remember, don't be afraid of taking time out. The world isn't going to stop!

If you're listening to this episode, and something that I said really struck a chord with you – I want to know about it!

As always, I want you to take a picture of yourself or your surroundings and tag me @mumswithhustle in your Instagram Stories because I want you to tell me what you resonated with the most!


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