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MWH 136 : Using Big Names To Grow Your Brand with Clare Wood

Using Big Names To Grow Your Brand

Often the thing that holds us back is fear. Fear of being rejected, missing out, not being worthy… But just imagine seeing one of your blog posts or articles re-posted on an extremely popular website because you worked up the nerve to finally pitch yourself.

Your website will start getting more traffic, the follows will pour in on Instagram, your email list will double.

Now if this sounds too good to be true, it's not! Today's episode is all about helping you leverage the power of media outlets to grow your brand and gain exposure.


I seriously love chatting with bizmums who understand how amazing it is when passion meets purpose, and today's guest is definitely one of those women!

Today's guest is Clare Wood, a business coach who has helped many women (including many mums) in the services industry to grow their businesses. She loves her hubby and her two boys, travelling, wine, the gym, and her secret addiction is trashy reality TV shows!

During this episode, Clare is going to chat with us all about how to use big names to elevate your business and share her best strategies to help you nail your next pitch, so you can start maximising your publicity!

Let's give a huge welcome to Clare and get into it!


I'm all about encouraging mums to sell themselves as the incredible women they are online and offline! This episode is seriously all about how you can start maximising your publicity to get your amazing brand out there into the world.

1. Introducing Clare!

Clare is seriously my doppelgänger. We have a passion for a lot of the same things (reality TV included), so I'm really excited for you to meet Clare and really get into this conversation!

Key Points We Discussed:

Who is Clare Wood?
What is Clare's biz journey?
How did Clare found her biz?

2. Passion Meets Purpose

I am all about when passion meets purpose because I find that very important when it comes to creating content and growing your brand authentically.

Key Points We Discussed:

How can a mum transition into the thriving phase of her business?

  • Define what thriving means to you.
  • Set your goals and be clear about what thriving is for you.
  • Transitioning to thriving might mean getting balance back into your life!

Tips to start thriving in business?

  • Make sure you are doing what you love. When you are on purpose and doing what you love, the business side will flow easily.
  • Focus on what you do best, and outsource the rest.
  • Nail a profitable business model. Make sure that you have a plan to make a profit from your passion, and set a budget to ensure you can achieve targets.
  • Nail your avatar and make sure that all your marketing is targeted directly towards him/ her.

3. Elevate Your Biz

We all want to elevate our businesses, and the quickest way to do this is with celebrities and big names! In this section, Clare is going to share the various ways you can elevate your biz.

Key Points We Discussed:

In what ways can a mum elevate her biz?

  • Work with big names (particularly of ‘celebrity’ status) to really elevate your credibility as people associate the trust they have with a big name with you and your business.
  • Look into potential partnerships/collaborations.
  • Extend meetings beyond just one interview/meeting.

What do you recommend mums do NOT do to elevate their biz?

  • Do not just randomly partner with someone.

4. Getting In Touch With Celebs/Big Names

Recently, Clare was able to interview Antonia Kidman! I had to ask her HOW she got in touch with such a huge name, and Clare definitely delivered some amazing insight.

Key Points We Discussed:

How to partner with a big name?

  • Use your network! Ask around your family, relatives, old work colleagues, friends, etc. and be brave and ask them to connect you.
  • Build a network! Get out and about at networking events. It’s all about WHO you know.
  • Build relationships with your dream ‘big names’ through engaging on social media or attending events where you might meet your ‘big names’.
  • “Just ask”! And be prepared for a no (or no reply). But just keep asking!

Ways to get comfortable with networking?

  • Get there early.
  • Take a wing woman.
  • Contact the organiser.

5. Maximising Your Publicity

Now, we all know that eyeballs don’t equal sales, necessarily. But you've still got to maximise your publicity and get your brand out there!

Key Points We Discussed:

Why is it important to pitch your biz/brand to various outlets?
What are some different ways mums can elevate their brand and be seen in the press?

  • Re-purpose your content!
  • Pitch it to media outlets.
  • Prepare a press release for print media.
  • Make it easy for the platform you're pitching to.
  • Stand out with a catchy subject headline.

In what ways can you maximise your publicity opportunities?

  • Make sure you have an email capture on your website so that when people land you can capture their email addresses.
  • Have a delayed pop up.
  • Remember that branding isn’t something that has a direct ROI. Building a brand is a long-term investment. Publicity is just one touch point that helps build trust and credibility with your audience.


Ooh, Clare has something awesome for you ladies! She created a handout specifically for the Mums with Hustle community around how to nail a profitable business model to make more money in your business!

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Special thanks to Clare for chatting with me today!

I wanna know what celebs you'd love to interview or have rep your brand! Take a picture of yourself or your surroundings and tag me @mumswithhustle in your Instagram Stories with the celeb of your dreams Insta handle, too. Let's get you noticed, mama!


Clare is super excited to be launching her online course in the coming weeks. It will be the best of the content she shares with her one-on-one clients bundled up into monthly modules. A new topic released each month, for example your business finances, money mindset, etc.

If you want to hear about the modules as they are launched, jump onto Clare's website and sign up for her mailing list – when you sign up, you’ll also get a copy of the business plan template Clare uses to plan with her premium clients.

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