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MWH 116 : What Success Looks Like From The Great Wall of China with Lou Duggan Cake 2 The Rescue

What Success Looks Like From The Great Wall of China

Success stories are something I'm so passionate about here at Mums With Hustle HQ. One of the things that truly excites me is when women in my tribe actually put in the work – I'm talking about my doers. Are you one of them? I'm betting yes!

Often we see other people moving forward and relishing in success, and we instantly compare it to our own. We get stuck in our own heads and end up limiting ourselves from reaching our true potential.

For today's episode, I've asked a bizmum who's just like us to join me and share her breakthroughs around goal-setting and the success she achieved in 2017!


Are you hungry for some serious inspiration? Let's get into it!

Today's guest is, Lou Duggan, also known as “Baker Girl Lou.” She is the owner and operator of the online DIY Cake Kit company – Cake 2 The Rescue! Lou is a bizmum and jack of all trades with a background in manufacturing engineering and interior design. After 11 years of being a mum, Lou struggled to find a career that inspired her, but also allowed her the flexibility to be a mum. Thus, Cake 2 The Rescue was born.

Hoping to elevate her business to the next level after winning multiple Aus Mumpreneur Awards, Lou purchased Your Year, my no bs, no fluff goal setting framework. She experienced massive success by setting goals and implementing the strategies that Your Year provides.

Lou is an incredible bizmum, who totally kicked-ass in 2017. I wanted Lou to join me on the podcast today to share her incredible story surrounding her use of Your Year and meeting her goals.

Welcome to the virtual couch, Lou!


I hope you're ready to be seriously inspired and eager to set some killer and lofty goals. Grab a pen, paper, and some coffee. This episode is all about encouraging you to reach your full potential! Remember, this recap is just a quick list of what we discussed – the real gold is saved for those ears. 😊

1. Introducing Lou

Lou is totally amazing, and I'm so happy I got to chat with her about her amazing 2017. I can't wait for you to hear her story.

Key Points We Discussed:

Who is Lou Duggan?
What is Lou's biz journey?

2. Lou's use of Your Year

One thing I really loved about chatting with Lou was that she was overwhelmingly honest about her use of Your Year. She knows how hard it is to find time to set goals when you have kids… So it's awesome to hear about how she took action, found time, and completed the framework.

Key Points We Discussed:

How did Lou find time to complete Your Year?

  • Lou's Tips: Give yourself permission. Grab a bottle of wine. Take your time completing it.

What was Lou's life and biz like before implementing Your Year versus after?

3. Overcoming Roadblocks

As a bizmum, it can be terrifying to set goals for many reasons. Overcoming fears or roadblocks to unlock your true potential takes passion and a true understanding of what you want. If you're listening to this podcast, I already know you have passion. Now, let's focus on overcoming any roadblocks to help you get what you want!

Key Points We Discussed:

Did Lou overcome any fears or roadblocks to unlock your true potential?
What does Lou believe stopped her from achieving her goals in the past?

  • SPOILER – It's procrastinating! #CanYouRelate

What actionable tips can Lou give to someone who is afraid to set goals?

  • Be lofty with your goals. Even if you achieve 50% of your goal, you're so much further ahead than where you were before you set it.
  • Get rid of your fear of success.

4. Manifestation and Achievements

I'm a firm believer in manifestation. That's why I am all about designing a life I want to live! Manifestation is as easy as positive thinking and focussing on achieving your goals.

Key Points We Discussed:

What did Lou manifest in 2017?
What was Lou's greatest achievement in 2017?

  • SPOILER – Lou was able to take her family overseas (to China!) and have orders flood in while she was away. #KillingIt


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Lou is offering 10% off her Cake Kits with the promo code HUSTLE!


Huge high-five for everything Lou has achieved in 2017, and I'm beyond to see what she's going to achieve in 2018.

Lou's Final Tip:

Find 15 minutes in your day to do one small thing in your business to move yourself forward.

This episode is proudly brought to you by Your Year – my no fluff, no b.s. goal-setting guide to getting sh*t done in 2018.


Lou is a big believer in designing your own life. This year she's focussing on doing more of what she loves most – meeting and interacting with customers via live baking in their kitchens!

Facebook: @cake2therescue
Instagram: @cake2therescue
Pinterest: @cake2therescue


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