How to build and grow your email list.

Build and grow your email list

Hello dear Mums with Hustle!


Because Tracy and I had so much to chat about on the podcast I'm so excited to be able to provide you with some further information on starting, maintaining and growing your email list to complement our conversation. You can check out the podcast here:



Build and grow your email list


Why email?

As I mentioned in our chat, I believe that your email list is worth its weight in gold and then some. Social media is fantastic and well worth your time, and we're fortunate to have access to free platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, but I believe that in the end email trumps all, and I'll tell you why you should build and grow your email list:


  • YOU have total control. If Instagram changed its terms and policies tomorrow what would happen to your following? Anyone with a Facebook business page knows the feeling of being at the mercy of changing algorithms and updates out of their control;
  • It just feels more personal. You can set up your email lists to greet each of your subscribers by name. You can automate a sequence of emails based on your subscriber's actions so that it is individualised to them; and
  • Getting an email address from someone is a different kind of special than a social media like or follow. You've just been invited into someone's inbox. Anyone with an overflowing inbox will tell you that that space is hot property! They most likely want to hear what you have to say or offer if they've invited you there and asked you to stay. And sometimes they do invite you in but don't ask you to stay…but more on that later.


How to start

My advice is to find an email provider that is easy to use, free when you have a small list (or at least free to trial!), and is trusted. Do some research with this one to find a good fit. I use Mailchimp and Tracy uses Convertkit so these are some good places to start!
So, once you've set up your email/newsletter how do you attract your dream customer or client to your list? Here are just a few examples and suggestions to help you get started:


  • Put an email opt-in on the homepage of your website if you have one (see below if you don't). If you're on a tight budget I can highly recommend Hello Bar and SumoMe. They offer free stuff! SumoMe offers a range of website traffic tools that I find really useful. Have a look at their Heatmap option – amazingly helpful for finding out where people are clicking on your site! SumoMe also offers a free pop-up option (List Builder) that detects when a potential customer is about to leave your website. A floating opt-in ‘pops' up on the screen to ask for their email. Too easy! By the way… I'm in no way affiliated with either Hello Bar or SumoMe… I'm just so glad I found them and can share them with you here!
  • If you don't have a dedicated website I suggest still building your email list. Tell all your family and friends, and you can also direct people via your social media channels to your opt-in form within your chosen email provider. Create a form in line with your branding colours and voice.
  • Offer something of value for free. Make it something quality and useful to entice the reader to opt-in. It doesn't have to be expensive or lengthy. Digital is always good. The Mums With Hustle opt-in when you land on the homepage is a perfect example. Tracy's offering a FREE monthly business kit to every subscriber. I'm all in! On the Brindie website I offer a free custom designed ‘Today I Choose Joy' printable because ‘Belinda' (listen to the podcast for more info on who Belinda is :)) likes to decorate her space with beautiful and inspiring quotes.
  • Tweak the copy of your opt-in until it feels right. What would your dream customer respond to? What do they want? What can you offer that would entice them to plug in that email address?


The next steps after you are up and running

So, once you've been given that all important golden ticket to someone's inbox party, what do you do now?

  • Be consistent. Create an editorial calendar. Put it in your diary! People may not be ready to buy from you right now, but if you can stay top of mind and in front of them, chances are they'll be ready one day. I like to email weekly, but there is no hard and fast rule around this, but just remember to respect and treat your relationship with your subscriber like gold. Would you ignore a family member or friend for months on end?
  • Create a template for your newsletters that's in line with your branding so you aren't reinventing the wheel all the time.
  • Create email subject lines that are questions, evoke an emotion, solve a problem or inform. Make them customer focused and impossible to ignore. You do not have to sell in your headline – make it about the reader.
  • Provide free content that inspires, educates and fits with your dream client's needs, wants and interests. Make it actionable and related to your products or services. Free content is an awesome way to give people a taste of your business so they can get to know you and your offering. If you get stuck with what to include you can always look at your website FAQ page or customer queries for questions that need answering and answer those in your newsletter.
  • Your content can be in any combination of formats. Words, stories, quotes, images, tutorials, video or audio – find the right fit for you and your business. Your emails DO NOT have to be lengthy and laborious for you. Make them short, sweet and personal if that's how you and your business roll.


What about when they unsubscribe?

Yes, the dreaded unsubscriber. I've had a few over the years. At first I was a bit sad and wondered what on earth I was doing wrong, but I've since realised that they are actually doing me a huge favour! If they don't want to be on my list then they are not my dream customer and we are both wasting our precious time and email space. So, I say thank you unsubscribers and move on! Yes!


So, there you go mummy hustlers. Go do some research about your best fit email provider and then begin a list of all the free things you could offer as an opt-in. Choose your favourite. Create a template and start writing! Don't forget to be consistent, schedule it in, and treat those email addresses like one of your babies.


Happy emailing!


Lisa xx


Learn more about Lisa here:

Facebook – BrindieCan
Instagram – @brindiecan
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